Jess F. - Digital Marketing Consultant
"I worked closely with Jai in-house for a business and watch his speed and quality of content expand the online presence of this brand massively in such a small amount of time. He's very thorough and always happy to change, edit things if needed with the purpose of the satisfying the client and providing content that is actually engaging. Highly recommend. "
Sophie - Boutiques Shop Owner
"The photos look very professional and very beautiful. Love your positive energy and would be definitely be looking into working with you again for a proper studio photography of our products."
Anthony - Ai Ad Copy Manager
"It was a pleasure working with Jaimini. He's versatile, creative and meets deadlines. Thank you!"
Ollie - SMMA Manager
"Great work, went the extra mile to create something really engaging."
"Jai was the hardest worker at the entire company and was instrumental in growing every single one of the social platforms. Instrumental in the same way a steady drum is instrumental to a good rock band. They were also great to have in meetings and were hungry to learn what they could.
There ambitions were very much in line with their potential."
Megan D. - Real Estate Owner
"Jaimini was very helpful in the redesigning of my website for better UX, his technical skills and creative input were greatly appreciated. His hard skills were of high quality and without him, I would not have been able to advance my businesses website. I would have no hesitation in recommending his expertise to anyone needing help with their website design and marketing presence online."
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